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Thanks for your patience in our lack of recent postings!
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Intercession Changes Everything

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Prayer walks through Red Light Districts are never similar. No two walks are the same. Ever.

The reason for this rests in the fact that the spiritual activity is very evident and very unstable. At times on our walks through Seoul’s RL districts we can feel the darkness begin to tremble, or panic, if you will.

This, of course, is the reaction felt when you intercede and bring the Kingdom of Heaven into these levels of darkness. We, as vessels of God, bring light instantly and even if we cannot see it, we bring change in that place. These are things we feel on almost every walk we go on.

Well, on one late-morning walk in particular, we actually witnessed the impact of our intercession and presence. After about ten minutes of strolling through the streets and contending for a very large, but isolated, RLD in Seoul, we had to make a decision. Finish the walk, turn right and head back for the subway, or continue a little further through the RLD and take a longer route back to the subway.

One of us in the group simply said, “Let’s keep walking.” So we did.

We walked down the closest alley. It spanned about one city block and at the end connected to another alleyway that lead to the subway. We walked and prayed for the Lord’s light to penetrate and for Him to show us what we needed to see. We asked for his love to permeate through the walls, and for the women behind the closed doors to have visitations at night from Jesus. And as we walked, some of us felt led to slow down, look into a window, peer down a connecting alley or simply reflect. I remember our pace being slower than usual. Awkwardly slow, in fact.

When we were nearing the end of the alley we could have either turned left or right because it was a T-style intersection. We decided to turn right but as we did, my leader and I looked briefly to the left and saw a Middle-Eastern man being led by a “madam” (an older woman working in the RLD’s to take care of the girls, clean, draw customers in, etc.).  At times we see men, but considering we usually walk in the mornings, they are mostly the pimps or business owners in the areas. Rarely costumers.

Customer "window shopping" through the RLD

We both immediately discerned that he was a customer and we began to intercede. We slowed our pace even more. Neither of us knew we had, it just simply happened. The moment was unfolding very quickly and our cries to the Lord for him to leave were under our breath but very direct and loud in spirit. We walked forward and did not know if he had already gone into a brothel behind us, but we continued to pray anyway. Then, like older Korean women sometimes do, the madam slightly shoved her way through us. They had made contact as we were interceding. She hustled up to a brothel window a few steps ahead and began knocking, but as she looked back, she stopped knocking. She looked passed us and her shoulder’s sank. Both my leader and I looked back as well, only to see the man disappearing out of the RLD.

The Lord turned this man away. The Lord, in the moment, squeezed his heart, changed his mind and froze his desire. The Lord intervened and we witnessed it happen!

At times in this fight, we as God’s children and warriors, feel the urge to put it on our shoulders. We want to see change. We want to act. We want to abolish. But from our own, and many other testimonies, it’s clear that much of the time we are called simply to intercede. And in doing so, God’s miracles will be readily revealed.

“But the Lord abides forever; He has established his throne for judgment, and He will judge the world in righteousness; He will execute judgment for the peoples with equity. For the Lord also will be a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble; and those who know Your name will put their trust in You, for You, Oh Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.”   -Psalm 9:7-10

Picture taken at a Red Light District in Seoul. Staircase leading up to a room where women take customers.

Not one cry goes unheard. Not one heavy heart is unseen. Not one injustice goes overlooked.
In light of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, we praise our God whose heart for Justice FAR exceeds ours!! We don’t look upon this day with heavy hearts because the issue is so big, but rather we praise Jesus that it is all already finished!!


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In light of the recent Penn State case, thoughts have been circling in my head followed by heavy emotions stirring in my heart. Anger, grief, frustration, shock, and more anger…just to name a few.

I’d like to share one lingering thought that has been bothering me…and rightfully so. And it is precisely this: Honor.

A person, program, organization can be known for “honor”. But, I would argue that it is not just about standing for honor but it’s also speaking up for what is dishonorable.

Equally so, the same principle applies to Justice. To contend for justice also means to confront injustice.

Justice is not just a fluffy, soothing, nice word to throw around with some action and strong emotions mixed in here and there. Justice is rough, uncomfortable, and costly. It’s confrontational.

I can go on and on about this but I shall stop here with one last lingering thought. The Penn State situation has come to light and will hopefully bring light to the many, many, too many cases around the world. Children, men, women are being dishonored. Though not receiving media attention and though in hidden places, we must contend for them.

Let us care…contending for justice and confronting injustice.

This is honor, and this truly is an honor.

Must see.

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This is a great short-film made by Unearthed Pictures (not this Unearthed), but another incredible Unearthed who we love!

No more pornography. No more normalization of what is blatantly fueling the sex industry. No more apathy.

Psalm 7:9

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Oh let the evil of the wicked come to an end, but establish the righteous!!

What better way to pray than to simply pray the Word back to God. This prayer is straight from the Bible and nothing could be more appropriate for what we are contending for!


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Today’s the day of rest for the women in the RLD.  Please pray for a day of good rest and divine appointments. Intercede for their freedom, both physical and spiritual. May this day lead to tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and a life of no more captivity!

Seoul: City in Focus

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Seoul is Exodus Cry’s city in focus for the month of September:



Dear Intercessors worldwide,

On behalf of the millions enslaved in our beloved nation, thank you.

Until Justice rolls down…

Well, it’s their choice!

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I’ve heard this statement so many times, “Well, it’s their choice! The girls want money, so they choose this job. They choose to be in prostitution.”

And to those people, I always say this, “When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, what little girl will say she wants to sell her body?”

For those who “volunteer”, there are always conditions that force the woman “to make this choice.”  It is termed by many as Forced-volunteering.

In their God-given dignity, I believe no person wants to prostitute their body. It is NOT their choice. They are in mental, spiritual, and physical bondage.

Praise Jesus that He IS the Great Abolitionist. He brings true, lasting, and wholistic freedom.


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For a few months now, we have been prayerwalking in a new RLD. This area is the oldest in Seoul. It is very dark physically and spiritually, more than other areas we’ve been to. But God is stronger.

We are reminded that every week we go, we must go in love. We must walk in love, think in love, see in love, talk in love, pray in love, be love, and love.

Love will not judge, will not condemn them. Love will not push away, reject them. Love will not see their stains, give up on them. Love will not ignore, leave them.

Love will see their worth, showing them honor. Love will go to them, embracing them. Love will see the Gospel power, standing in the gap for them. Love will tend to them, washing their feet.

The Father’s love is so strong and so tender. Love will melt hearts at the beckoning of their Daddy.

They, too, are included in His redeeming love.

The Gospel is for them, too.