Nefarious Film Screening: Seoul

Posted: 07/22/2011 by UnearthedSeoul in Uncategorized

This incredible documentary is making its way to Seoul!!
Our friends at Exodus Cry have made a film about the global sex trade and after many years of hard work, it’s finally finished and on tour!  Its going to be powerful and we must get as many people to see it as possible….the first step to changing the sex industry and ending trafficking is AWARENESS!!! Come to a screening. Get your friends to come. See it multiple times. You will not be disappointed!

Details and Dates:
Friday July 29th, 7pm: Onnuri Church; Yangjae Station (line 3)

Sunday July 31st, 7pm: New Philadelphia Church; Shillim Station (line 2). Email for more info and to reserve a ticket. All ticket prices go to Exodus Cry as an offering.

  1. Aear1 says:

    I will definitely see it, although not in Seoul.

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