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Intercession Changes Everything

Posted: 01/31/2012 by UnearthedSeoul in Prayer Walk Testimonies, Updates

Prayer walks through Red Light Districts are never similar. No two walks are the same. Ever.

The reason for this rests in the fact that the spiritual activity is very evident and very unstable. At times on our walks through Seoul’s RL districts we can feel the darkness begin to tremble, or panic, if you will.

This, of course, is the reaction felt when you intercede and bring the Kingdom of Heaven into these levels of darkness. We, as vessels of God, bring light instantly and even if we cannot see it, we bring change in that place. These are things we feel on almost every walk we go on.

Well, on one late-morning walk in particular, we actually witnessed the impact of our intercession and presence. After about ten minutes of strolling through the streets and contending for a very large, but isolated, RLD in Seoul, we had to make a decision. Finish the walk, turn right and head back for the subway, or continue a little further through the RLD and take a longer route back to the subway.

One of us in the group simply said, “Let’s keep walking.” So we did.

We walked down the closest alley. It spanned about one city block and at the end connected to another alleyway that lead to the subway. We walked and prayed for the Lord’s light to penetrate and for Him to show us what we needed to see. We asked for his love to permeate through the walls, and for the women behind the closed doors to have visitations at night from Jesus. And as we walked, some of us felt led to slow down, look into a window, peer down a connecting alley or simply reflect. I remember our pace being slower than usual. Awkwardly slow, in fact.

When we were nearing the end of the alley we could have either turned left or right because it was a T-style intersection. We decided to turn right but as we did, my leader and I looked briefly to the left and saw a Middle-Eastern man being led by a “madam” (an older woman working in the RLD’s to take care of the girls, clean, draw customers in, etc.).  At times we see men, but considering we usually walk in the mornings, they are mostly the pimps or business owners in the areas. Rarely costumers.

Customer "window shopping" through the RLD

We both immediately discerned that he was a customer and we began to intercede. We slowed our pace even more. Neither of us knew we had, it just simply happened. The moment was unfolding very quickly and our cries to the Lord for him to leave were under our breath but very direct and loud in spirit. We walked forward and did not know if he had already gone into a brothel behind us, but we continued to pray anyway. Then, like older Korean women sometimes do, the madam slightly shoved her way through us. They had made contact as we were interceding. She hustled up to a brothel window a few steps ahead and began knocking, but as she looked back, she stopped knocking. She looked passed us and her shoulder’s sank. Both my leader and I looked back as well, only to see the man disappearing out of the RLD.

The Lord turned this man away. The Lord, in the moment, squeezed his heart, changed his mind and froze his desire. The Lord intervened and we witnessed it happen!

At times in this fight, we as God’s children and warriors, feel the urge to put it on our shoulders. We want to see change. We want to act. We want to abolish. But from our own, and many other testimonies, it’s clear that much of the time we are called simply to intercede. And in doing so, God’s miracles will be readily revealed.

We have great news to report from Korea!!!

The Red Light district that we used to pray through each week has been showing strange signs lately.

– About a month ago, at 11pm on a Friday there were no girls “working” in the windows.
– About a week later, again, there were no girls in the windows and a large group of pimps were all gathered together having some sort of “meeting” in one of the windows.
– A couple weeks ago we did another prayer walk and there were significantly more police patrolling around the whole area. A police car was parked at both ends of the street and cars were patrolling every so often. I saw many pimps in staggered locations along the perimeter and surrounding streets giving word of when cop cars were coming and then I saw many “freelance girls” (women who are still “working” on the street, but not in a window on the specific Red Light street) run to hiding places.

When I have been praying, I felt like the lord has been saying, “This is a Jericho moment for this area.” Just like Joshua sent out spies before hand, we have been surveying the land for more than a year and been praying and praying. And then God said now its time to take it. So during our walk a couple weeks ago we were just claiming, like in Joshua, that every place our foots walks upon would be taken for the lord.
Then a few nights ago, my friend, who lives in the area, sent me a video of what she saw in the area. The windows where the women are typically on display were all closed and had huge signs posted. On the actual Red Light street, there was not business happening.  Apparently it is shut down right now because the workers (women, pimps, madams) are protesting because the government is taking action and shutting it all down!!!

The signs said some of the following things:
“We hate those in power”
“The authorities only give power to the big companies”
“You are taking everything away from the poor girl” (because they are not allowing the prostitutes to work)
“Should we sell ourselves in other countries so that we can bring money to Korea?”
“Because the government shut us down, give us restitution”

 This is an amazing and pivotal time! Please pray for us here, for our ministry, for clarity, for Seoul, for true freedom in this area. Thank you for being a part of this with us!! I feel like we can all rejoice together because we’ve all been sowing in prayer together!!

A few Thailand pictures

Posted: 03/03/2011 by UnearthedSeoul in Prayer Walk Testimonies, Updates

As we have said many times, our trip to Thailand was amazing! God did soooooo much in us and through us; its hard to even share it all. We are going to continue to update you with bits here and there because, honestly, there is too much and it’s too intense to share it all in one chunk. For now, here are a few photos of some of our time there.
Be blessed!

Some street graffiti in Bangkok. A prophetic picture of what we did and what God is doing!

A picture from one major Red Light District in Bangkok

An intense and thought provoking photo taken on the streets of the Red Light District in Bangkok

A group of young men who work in the sex industry in Bangkok. This street of "boy bars" is where we spent most of our ministry time. God moved our hearts in an amazing way for these men! Please keep them in your prayers.

Chatting with some workers at a massage parlor- a place that we were told may have trafficked children

What’s next??

Posted: 02/17/2011 by CR in Prayer Walk Testimonies, Updates

Our apologies for our lack of postings lately. God really did quite a work in Thailand and we have been trying to process it all and figure out what it means for Unearthed. Its been a wonderful season! Please understand that our lack of posting/emailing in no way means we haven’t been doing anything, haven’t been praying, or haven’t been thinking about all of you and thanking God for your partnership!! It is because of YOU that Thailand was so special!

Here a brief overview/update. In the coming days we will post small bits/stories about our trip so you know more about all we went through.

Our Thailand trip was crazy and intense. God showed us so much! Specifically, God put it on our hearts to contend for two groups of people: the men and the trafficked children. We were so surprised by this…as we went to Thailand with the intention of reaching out to the women and all the connections we made were with ministries for women.
Though we felt unprepared and “little”…God used our Unearthed experience and gave us so much favor in our prayer-walks! We befriended some very special boys and prayed over some very dark areas. As y’all can imagine, we were rocked. And the Lord is still rocking us. Much to process but we are also discerning how to move forth with Unearthed and in Korea.

We feel that God is leading us to go deeper… specifically that of “unseen” areas He wants us to see…to contend for these unseen areas and people. As we do, we need to learn more! So, just like Unearthed started a year and half ago, with research and learning, this is where we find ourselves again now. Once again, we are forerunning! Except what’s different now is that we’re going to focus on the hidden areas. This is challenging but we know it is exactly where God is placing us right now. We have begun our research and some “scouting” of areas. We are in need of direction and strategy as we move forth.

Also, God has heard our prayers for the Church to rise up! Slowly but surely the churches in Seoul are being awakened and are engaging with God’s heart for justice and righteousness…His heart for the men and women involved in this industry. PRAISE THE LORD! It moves us to tears to see the sleeping Church wake up. This is what we’ve been praying for! Surely, He has heard our cries.

Thank you again and again for your partnership! This is going to be a special time where we need grace to continue, favor to search out and find the right things and strategy to know what to do with the information.

Prayer Warriors…we love you! Thank you

Prayer Walk FRI NOV 26

Posted: 11/26/2010 by UnearthedSeoul in Prayer Requests, Prayer Walk Testimonies, Updates

Happy Thanksgiving to our prayer team (those of you that are American or celebrate thanksgiving). And still, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you because it is a season to be thankful for all that we have been so richly blessed with!! Here is what we are thankful for….

*Unearthed just passed the 1 year mark!!! We have seen how faithfully God has answered prayers. Prayers that we even forgot we prayed!
*Unearthed is moving into new and deeper levels! This past year was amazing and so fruitful. We feel even more is coming for the second year!
*Team members! We are soooooo thankful to have our faithful team members who give their time (so late at night!) and energy for this ministry. We LOVE serving with you all!
*Prayer team! Your prayers are invaluable. We know that Unearthed is seeing so much fruit because of your faithful prayers. We LOVE serving with you all!


1. (BETHANY) Bethany and her boyfriend will be joining us for a Thanksgiving Banquet with one of our churches. AMAZING!! This is a new level of trust we are reaching and we pray that they will both be so blessed! It seems like they are both really excited to hang out with us and learn about the holiday and eat American food. 🙂 Please pray for good fellowship and conversation, and as always, deeper connections with Bethany. We really want to speak into her life and bless her. The banquet will be this Sunday (Nov. 28) evening!
2. (G20 SUMMIT WALK) The G20 Summit was 2 weeks ago, as you remember from our previous email. Our walk was amazing!! We had 12 people join the walk! It was the biggest Unearthed crew we have had to date, and it was on the 1 year anniversary. God is so FAITHFUL! We had great worship, received many prophetic words from the Lord, and felt a lot of fruit from the walk. Please continue to pray for our world leaders! Especially in the areas of lust, greed, adultery, lies, and witchcraft! We truly believe that something broke in the spirit that night and we are now walking into a new depth of ministry. AMEN!

We have 5 weeks left in 2010. We need to press in!! We really feel an urgency in our spirits that we should not just look to 2011 and let the rest of 2010 pass us by. God is asking “What do you want??” When we know what we want, we ask for it and go after it.
Things to pray for that we want…
1. Bethany!!! We want her to know her Father and have a deep friendship with us.
2. More committed members for Unearthed! We have some who will be leaving Korea in the near future and others that are having time conflicts right now. Pray for others to become aware of our ministry and that more people will join.
3. Grace and protection for our walk tonight. We want to be useful and strategic. Pray that we would even have divine appointments to pray for people.
4. FOCUS!! The area we walk is so easy to get distracted in. We need focus to pray and stay engaged.
5. Safety and grace for members who are unable to join us this week.

Korea Time: FRI NOV 26th 11:30pm – 2:30am
11:30-12:30: Prayer and Worship
12:30-2:00: Walking on the Streets
2:00-2:30: Debrief/Prayer

USA Time (CST): FRI NOV. 26th 8:30am – 11:30pm
8:30-9:30: Prayer and Worship
9:30-11:00: Walking on the Streets
11:00-11:30: Debrief/Prayer

Prayer Walk FRI 10/29

Posted: 10/27/2010 by UnearthedSeoul in Prayer Requests, Updates

As God’s favor and blessing continue to increase on our ministry, the enemy’s attacks are also increasing. We are seeing more and more distraction and attack on the Unearthed Team. Obviously what we are doing is shaking the foundations in the spiritual realm and satan will try to attack at any cost. Recently, one of our sisters was riding in a taxi in Seoul, on her way to a church meeting, when the taxi driver pulled into an alley, locked the doors, and began to grab at her. Thankfully, she was able to escape with only a ripped shirt and the Lord has been blessing her with wisdom, grace and encouragement. BUT, we cannot stand for this!! The enemy cannot have our sisters! Nor our brothers! We desperately need your prayers in this season!

In light of the increased blessings and the increased attacks, we want to press on even harder in our prayers. But we NEED you to join with us!! We are asking you to please commit even more this week to prayer for our walk on Friday, for our team as we prepare for the walk, and for the area that we will be going into. Also, the Unearthed team will be fasting throughout the week and we encourage you to join with us. Seek the Lord about what fast you should do, but we know from the scriptures that certains kinds of demonic activity do not go out except by prayer and fasting (Matt. 17:21). Let’s shake the foundations even more. God is moving….let’s partner with what He is doing!

Korea Time: FRI OCT. 29th 11:30pm – 2:00am
11:30-12:30: Prayer and Worship
12:30-1:30: Walking on the Streets
1:30-2:00: Debrief/Prayer

USA Time (CST): FRI OCT. 29th 9:30am – 12:00pm
9:30-10:30: Prayer and Worship
10:30-11:30: Walking on the Streets
11:30-12:00: Debrief/Prayer

Revival is coming! Transformation is coming! Freedom has already been won! Thank you Jesus.

Prayer Walk FRIDAY 10/1

Posted: 09/29/2010 by UnearthedSeoul in Prayer Requests, Updates
We have another walk upon us this week, so we are calling again for specific, strategic prayer! We have had a blessed month and God has been moving and revealing more and more to us.
1. We have been in frequent contact with JY and she is very excited for our next meeting. We will most likely be meeting with her again next week. Also, the Lord has put it on our hearts to give her an English name that prophetically calls out her destiny. We have been praying about the name “Bethany”…calling out that she is a woman who would pour out and “waste” all that she has at the feet of Jesus. Please pray for this and that she likes the name! 🙂
2. Some members went to Busan (a coastal city in southern Korea) last week for some ministry time. The Lord used the time for seed planting. We were able to talk to many people about what we were doing…taxi drivers, friends, and even police officers. The Lord came with boldness and we were able to talk for a while with 4 police officers about what is REALLY going on in the area. We also met one girl whose dream is to be a police officer and the Lord really moved on her heart as we shared what we do, and she asked to join us on your prayer walk in the red light district. Pray that God would win her heart for His kingdom and use her to change her country!!
This week’s walk details:
(Korea time) Friday Oct. 1st 11:00pm – 1:00am
(USA central time)  Friday Oct. 1st 9:00am -11:00am

Please pray for:
1. Grace! We’ve moved back to the late times, so we need grace to be awake, alert and listening to the Holy Spirit.
2. Wisdom and guidance! This week we are going to try going out in small 2-3 member teams instead of one large group. Its our first time doing this, so pray that Holy Spirit leads all of us. We want divine revelation about what to pray for, look at, etc.
3. To be invisible! There is a chance that we could run into JY again when we are out and we don’t want that. We feel that it wouldn’t be a good thing to see her again because it could raise some suspicion. Pray that God would keep our paths separate and keep us invisible!
4. Team unity and love! God has been blessing us lately, but we want even deeper levels of trust, love and unity.
Thank you for standing with us in  prayer!!

Ministry in Busan

Posted: 09/23/2010 by UnearthedSeoul in Prayer Walk Testimonies, Updates

Recently, a couple of us were able to go down to Busan, a coastal city in the south of Korea, to check out the scene and do some prayer walks/ministry times. After we process through a few things, we will update you with stories.

The time was very fruitful and God is solidifying things in our hearts even more. He is always so faithful to reveal and speak to us and this time was no exception. The industry in Busan felt different than in Seoul and we were able to learn other dimensions of the problem that is affecting Korea.

Please continue to pray for this nation, for this ministry and for God to break in with transformation!! He is a faithful and powerful God and it is in His will to see Korea restored to her rightful destiny.

Thurs. 9/2 Prayer Walk

Posted: 09/02/2010 by UnearthedSeoul in Prayer Requests, Updates

Praise God for answering our prayers about finding a set day, time and place for our prayer walks! He is so faithful.We will be walking every other Thursday at 7:30pm, until approximately 10-11pm. Please join with us in prayer. Here are this weeks details and prayer requests.

DETAILS: Thursday Sept. 2
(Korea Time) 7:30pm – 11:00pm
(USA Time CST)
5:30am – 9:00am
I know its early for some of you all in the States, but if you can, please commit to praying while you are in the shower, on your way to work, etc. We need your prayers and we feel them!!

1. Safety and Protection: there is a typhoon rolling through Korea tomorrow so pray our walk doesn’t have to be canceled and our safety and spiritual protection as we walk
2. Insight and strategy: the area we will be walking in is a more “prominent” area in Seoul, frequented by high-class business men. Pray that we will know how to pray, where to walk, etc.
3: Revelation: we want the Lord to speak specifically to us about His heart/plans/thoughts
4. Strategic wisdom about how to proceed as our group grows in size

Thank you for your faithfulness. Keep checking the blog for updates and testimonies from our walks, and more about what the Lord is doing in Seoul.

Blessings to you from the whole Unearthed Team!!

As you may have noticed, we’ve had a lack of postings and updates lately.  Many of our members recently went on amazing mission trips and vacations all around Asia, and we have also felt a leading from the Lord to seek Him in prayer about details of the ministry.

We have many questions about when, where, how, how often…honestly, at times it is kind of frustrating to still not know.  But, as I was thinking about all of these questions this past weekend, I suddenly became aware of how thankful I am that God is the one who is leading it all. Though I may stress and worry over these logistical things, I am certain that the Lord, in His perfect leadership, has everything in His control and He is faithful to reveal answers to us in His perfect timing. Knowing that I don’t have to try to figure it out all on my own is such a relief and it fills me with gratitude.

While eating brunch with another sister in the group, she shared with me something a woman told her while she was on a mission trip a few weeks ago. The woman lives with her husband and children in a foreign country as missionaries and she often questions if they are doing the right thing, or what should they be doing next, etc. She said that her husband often reminds her to “go back to the last thing the Lord said to them” and stay there until He says something different.  Such refreshing wisdom! As we question things in Unearthed, we just have to go back to the last thing God said, and rest there. The last thing He said was “pray”.  So that is what we will do. We will pray and we will trust in His leadership.

With that said…we are waiting on Him for more concrete details. We would love for you to join with us in praying for His wisdom and His revelation about our next steps as a ministry. If you would like to be added to our email list for prayer requests and ministry updates, please send us your information at