Who are you praying for? |

We’re praying for the prostituted people (women and men), madams, pimps, traffickers, customers and government officials.

Are they trafficked?

Some are trafficked. Some “volunteer” under forced conditions. Regardless, Unearthed believes that all (Victims and Exploiters) are trapped in an intricate system of oppression. Yet the more we learn and go deeper into the sex industry in Korea, the more we are finding that a large percentage of those “working” in the sex industry are indeed trafficked.

Why prayerwalk? |

Praying on site allows us to pray more strategically; more specifically. We are able to plant seeds for the people we see. Prayer-walking does not define who we are, nor what our task is; it is simply one of the tools we are using to pursuing our vision and mission.

What is the sex industry? |

In Korea, the sex industry includes: Red Light Districts, massage parlors, room salons, juicy bars, officetels, karaoke bars, kiss rooms, brothels, strip clubs, tea & coffee delivery, escort services, “dating” websites, some chatting sites, and pornography. The sex industry is not just the above; the list goes on.

Is it safe? |

Unearthed has scouted each area before choosing to lead prayer walks there.  There is, obviously, some element of danger because of the type of work we are doing; however, we take every precaution to be as safe and wise as possible.

How can I join Unearthed or receive more information?

Please email Unearthedseoul@gmail.com or check out or Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unearthed-Seoul/194358840596597

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