• The exploiters include customers, traffickers, pimps, brothel owners, organized crime members, and corrupt government officials.They benefit or make money from the sale of sex as a commodity.
  • Exploiters hire workers and promote services not only discretely, but also blatantly in public.
  • Exploiters find victims locally and internationally.
  • Mafias are heavily involved in the sex industry.
  • Governments exploit victims in places where prostitution is legal and illegal.
  • Exploitation thrives when government officials are corrupt and allow trafficking and illegal activities.
  • Exploiters exert pressure on the lawmakers and officials to create conditions that allow them to operate.
  • Customers use victims for entertainment, companionship, sexual gratification, and escape.
  • Pornography greatly influences customers to exploit victims.
  • Pornography is a form of exploitation that fuels the sex industry.

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