• Victims are men, women and/or children who are sexually exploited by others.
  • Victims are recruited from marginalized, poor, and vulnerable populations.
  • Victims may be from the same city or country as the exploiters, or they may be trafficked from other countries.
  • Victims may be poor, uneducated, and naïve, and therefore easy to control.
  • Victims may be educated and upper/middle-class who have been sexually abused and no longer know how to resist abuse and exploitation.
  • Victims are controlled by pimps and mafia..
  • Victims who are making a “free choice” to be in prostitution do so out of immediate necessity – debt, unemployment, poverty, and a temporary means of making money.
  • Victims consider temporarily resorting to prostitution, however, most end up being trapped in the industry.
  • Victims assume that as soon as a debt is paid or a certain sum of money is earned, they will leave the industry.
  • Victims seldom tell friends or relatives what they are doing to earn money.

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